Quick Note: Unfortunately we are right in the middle of separation and divorce season. If anyone just needs someone to talk with, feel free to call me on my cell phone.  The number is (913) 231-3083.  This is my personal number, so be sure you let me know why it is you are calling.  Oh, my name is Jason.  I own this site and I have been through a divorce of my own.  I am happy to talk if you need an ear.

Why we are here:

Welcome to our website. We have several things to offer, like our directory of Christian marriage counselors, marriage conferences and events, articles on marriage, and marriage resources. We are working on putting together the best possible resource for Christian marriage counseling online. For example, right now we are working our way through city by city to get the appropriate marriage counselors in our directory. By all means help us load good Christian counselors in your area and we will be sure to get them activated in our system. Thank you and God Bless!

Check out our new marriage resources page.  You will find several books, movies, and other websites that will help you along on your quest for information.  Enjoy!

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